Sunday, April 12, 2009


Hey Fellow Beauty Fanatics!

Ok everyone. I'm sooooo excited!!! I'm finally starting up a blog so I can share with you all things I love! Though this blog will be centered mostly around my beauty addictions, I will also be posting about everything else I love. I'm completely aware that some may love, hate, or be completely indifferent to what I have to say, but let's keep it clean. Please just keep in mind that everything that I post from this point on in this blog is simply my opinion and of course not the ONLY way to do or see things, since we're all different.

Just to tell you a bit about myself, I am a Filipino American that loves my family, dance, makeup, skincare, music, meeting new people, learning different things about unfamiliar cultures, and did I say family and dance??? I finally decided to do this because I am going to try out doing makeup on the side. I figured why not take something I love and turn it into something that could possibly be beneficial for my family and me?

Aside from my busy family life and being a makeup fanatic, I am a Director for a dance team, I choreograph, and love working with kids of all ages. My love for dance began when I was in the 2nd grade and has been going strong since. After graduating from college, I decided to establish a non-profit program that would allow me to pursue my passion for dance and working with kids. Dance has taught me so many life lessons and I wanted to be able to give that same opportunity to other kids out there that may develop the same interests. This program builds character and self-esteem and teaches the importance of friendship and discipline through the fundamentals of dance and teamwork.

So, the first thing that I thought I'd share is one of the things dearest to my heart and you'll see why. Just click on the link below and enjoy!!!!!

Leilani :P


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