Sunday, April 12, 2009

Shout Outs to all my Favorite YouTube Makeup Gurus!!!!!

Hey Beauty Fanatics!

As I mentioned in my little intro, I recently got back into my beauty frenzy. I owe this and the reminder of how much I missed playing with makeup to some of the makeup gurus that I follow on YouTube. I'm so grateful to all of you for taking the time to put amazing videos, tutorials, and blogs together for those of us who love to learn about everything makeup and beauty related. In high school, I pretty much stuck to 2 eyeshadows (MAC's Sable & Ricepaper)because I was always afraid that other colors would look bad. I still really like browns/neutrals, but have started to venture out into other colors thanks to these gurus and am really enjoying it. Over time, I learned that it's all about color combinations. I've found that there are so many colors that could look good if you pair it with the right lid or highlight colors. They've inspired me to create these different combinations to achieve the look that someone is going for.

So, here is a list of the youtubers that I absolutely adore and love to learn from. Please be sure to check them out. I have to apologize in advance because there are a lot of them, but I really thing that they have so much to offer to all makeup fanatics, who are just beginning or are already pros. So, please be patient...










Again, please check them out! Let me know who your favorite beauty gurus are. I'm always up for learning MORE!!!

Good luck & I really hope that you all find them as helpful and inspiring as I have.

Leilani :P


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