Saturday, April 18, 2009

What's in a name?

Hey Beauty Fanatics!

In my opinion, EVERYTHING's in a name. This is the story behind my website/business name....

Before, I start, I just have to tell you that my family is the closest thing to my heart and that they are involved in everything that I do. My husband is not only my best friend and my other half, he is also my #1 fan, as I am his. As I've mentioned before, we are childhood sweethearts, so we've known each other for a very long time and have seen each other through the some of the toughest times in each other's lives. So, I owe this and everything else that I have accomplished to him. He reminds me everyday about how proud he is of me and has never let me stop chasing my dreams. I'm all emotional and sobbing with joy! I feel so blessed.

One day, my family and I were in the car on our way to the mall. After thinking that I had settled on not using a "business name" and just using my own name since that would obviously be the most unique, my husband started throwing more names out there to my surprise. We kept going back and forth and really couldn't come up with one that we really liked. My 5-year old daughter joined in our conversation (since at this age, she always has something to say) and started brainstorming. There was a moment of silence, which actually felt like forever and made my heart sink thinking that there really just wasn't anything, and she said "Mommy. What about makeup my eyes". When she said that, my husband and I looked at each other, wide-eyed and completely shocked!!!! As you can imagine, we were also pretty embarrassed as we wondered by WE couldn't think of that. Of course, we didn't put it past her since she is the kid that knew the names of her bones at 4 (she studied with me when I was taking anatomy), and by 5 can tell you about acids, bases, neutrals, and the different kinds cells in our bodies. Ok, I'm done bragging. Haha! I'm her mom, so I think she's just the greatest little thing.

So, back to the name. When we think of names, we want something that reflects us and can be translated into other parts of our lives. For example, when we were thinking of names for our dance team and for our kids, which would be a whole other entry, we thought long and hard for something that relates to us. Makeup My Eyes was so suiting in so many different ways. Personally, I think that a person's eyes can tell you a lot and it's the first thing that I always notice. Also, when you're doing makeup on yourself or on someone else, it can really reflect so many different things. I believe that even if a person was only allowed to put makeup on the eyes, it alone can really change up the look from natural, to playful, to naughty, to playing a particular character. Going back to my love for dance, I always tell my girls that showmanship isn't just about smiling with their mouths. They have to "smile with their eyes". It's really what lights up one's face. Those are just some of the reasons I love eyes. I could go on, but I know you all have things to do.

That's the story behind our name. I thought it would be a fun one to share and hope that you all enjoyed it!

Thanks for your time. Please subscribe!

Leilani :P

Thursday, April 16, 2009

MAC & Sephora Haul

Hey Beauty Fanatics!

What a day! I took a trip to MAC and Sephora today with a good friend of mine. She was so sweet as to help me pick out stuff for my kit. By the way, for those of you that are beauty insider members, don't forget to use your 15% off coupon. It expires on April 21st, so hurry in to your closest Sephora or order online. It's a great time to pick up those things you've been holding off on.

Here's what I got from Sephora:

Evian Facial Spray $11 - Pack of 2, Natural Mineral Water, Moisturizes & revitalizes skin, travel size is great for carrying in bag

Urban Decay Primer Potion $16-Eyeshadow Primer, helps eyeshadow colors to stay vibrant, last long, & avoid creasing

Sephora Color Play Pallette $22-Assortment of Spring & Summer Shades, 36 eyeshadows, 12 lip glosses, 3 blushes, bronzer, 3 applicators

Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara (Free Deluxe Sample w/ 100 Beauty Insider Points)-described to be "...full of "BAD-itude!" The rich, sexy formula and oversized brush build thick, beautiful and bodacious lashes.."

Smashbox Original Primer $36-Sephora's best selling face primer, used over moisturizer and under foundation; helps application of foundation to be smooth and help foundation last, contains a blend of vitamins and antioxidants to protect skin while filling in lines and pores

NARS Orgasm Blush $25-Staple in every makeup artist's kit, "...peachy-pink blush, with hints of gold shimmer, is a makeup artist and beauty editor favorite. Made to emulate an, uh hum, afterglow, this universally flattering shade imparts a sexy pink flush...", GOTTA LOVE IT!!!! , pairs well with NARS Laguna Bronzer, said to show up on most skintones

At MAC I got some brushes that I really love to use for myself. As many times as I've tried to find dupes for my MAC brushes, I always end up back at MAC. They seem to just make application and blending so much easier. Anyway, here's what I got:

From Left to Right:
224-Fluffy Blending Brush, I use it to apply/blend color, as a crease brush, contour nose, dust powder on undereye area to set concealer, apply highlight color above cheekbones and to brow area
217-Stiff Blending Brush, I use it to apply/blend color to crease, apply/blend paint pots to lid, I love this brush soooo much, I had to get 2 more!!!!!, this brush works especially well for those with small lids (asian eyes)
187-Stippling Face Brush, I will use it to apply & blend liquid foundation & blush
109-Small Contour Brush, I will use it to contour cheeks, apply highlight, and apply/blend foundation
190-Foundation Brush, I use this to apply foundation & concealer to large areas
As you can imagine, I wanted to buy EVERYTHING in sight at both stores, but I had to control myself and focus on buying stuff to put in my kit. Oooohhhh...that was so hard, but I'm extremely proud of myself! Yay, Leilani!!!!!!
I am so excited to practice using all these fun things on people!!!!!
Let me know what you think about these products and if there are any others that you LOVE and suggest!
Have a fantastic weekend!
Leilani :P

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual Review

Hey Makeup Fanatics!

I got the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual today as recommended by some makeup artists that I've been in contact with. I was so excited to read it and actually had time since the hubby's car battery died while we were at Barnes & Noble. So, while we waited for help, I got to read through some of it and the kids read almost every book within reach. That was the life!

Anyway, so far I think it's a great book. It's really basic and breaks down everything. This will be an amazing resource for learning. It says that it's for "Everyone from Beginner to Pro", which is so true! It gives great tips for those that are just starting and provides up-to-date tips for the advanced artists. This is awesome since makeup artists are ALWAYS learning.

It covers everything from techniques for each part of the face to how to get into the business to what every makeup artist should carry in her/his kit to advanced techniques. What I love most is that she has a chapter that focuses on the do's and don'ts of working in different industries, which includes department store counters, bridal, beauty salons, televisions, film, commercials, video, live performances and fashion shows.

I think that every makeup artist should definitely check it out. It retails for $32, but right now, at Barnes & Noble, you can get 20% off and an additional 10% if you have a B&N Membership. There's a better deal online if you are in the market for buying more books. This book is $19.20 at the sale price or $17.28 with a membership plus if you spend more than $25, you get free 3-day shipping. Not too bad, don't you think?

I am really looking forward to reading the rest of it!!!! If you have other books you think I should check out, please comment and let me know. Also, if you do have this book or end up getting it, I would love to hear what you think of it and if there was a particular section that stood out to you.

Hope you find this helpful and are having a great week!

Leilani :P

Monday, April 13, 2009

Help with Building My Starter Makeup Artist Kit

Hey Beauty Fanatics,

Hope your Monday went well! Aside from spending a fun day with the fam during Spring Break, I have been thinking about what items I should get for my kit. I just wanted to show you the eyeshadows and pressed pigments that I have in my collection. Since I'm building my makeup kit, I need some recommendations for eyeshadow colors, foundations (including brands), setting powders, moisturizers, blush, lipsticks, and anything else you all think that I should purchase.

Here's what I have so far for eyeshadows:

Top Row: Naked Pigment, Tan Pigment, Soft Brown, Woodwinked, Cocomotion Pigment

Middle Row: Ricepaper, Chocolate Brown Pigment, Corduroy, Go, Vintage Gold

Bottom Row: Naked Lunch, Vanilla Pigment, Espresso, Mulch, Henna

Top Row: Teal Pigment, Empty, Vex, Empty, Empty

Middle Row: Empty, Stars N Rockets, Cranberry, Mauvement Pigment, Dark Soul Pigment

Bottom Row: Empty, Sketch, Star Violet, Empty, Carbon

Top Row: Next to Nothing, Satin Taupe
Bottom Row: Showstopper, Smoking


MAC 187 (Stippling), 188 (Small Stippling), 190 (Foundation), 109 (Small Contour), 116 (Blush), 129 (Powder/Blush), 239 (Eyeshadow), 217 (Crease/Blending), 219 (Pencil), 224 (Crease/Blending), 226 (Crease/Blending), 242 (Shader)

Coastal Scents Duo Fiber (Stippling), Pink Round Crease Brush, Italian Badger Angle Blush, Sable Blending Brush, Tapered Crease Brush, Pink Angle Taklon Liner

I plan on starting with weddings, graduations, and proms. So, I am thinking that I will probably need to get some matte browns & neutrals for all skintones. Any and all suggestions and tips are greatly appreciated.

I got some great suggestions from Ren of makeupbyrenren, Judy of itsjudytime, and Tiffany of MakeupByTiffanyD, and would love to hear from you! Please comment below.

Leilani :P

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Shout Outs to all my Favorite YouTube Makeup Gurus!!!!!

Hey Beauty Fanatics!

As I mentioned in my little intro, I recently got back into my beauty frenzy. I owe this and the reminder of how much I missed playing with makeup to some of the makeup gurus that I follow on YouTube. I'm so grateful to all of you for taking the time to put amazing videos, tutorials, and blogs together for those of us who love to learn about everything makeup and beauty related. In high school, I pretty much stuck to 2 eyeshadows (MAC's Sable & Ricepaper)because I was always afraid that other colors would look bad. I still really like browns/neutrals, but have started to venture out into other colors thanks to these gurus and am really enjoying it. Over time, I learned that it's all about color combinations. I've found that there are so many colors that could look good if you pair it with the right lid or highlight colors. They've inspired me to create these different combinations to achieve the look that someone is going for.

So, here is a list of the youtubers that I absolutely adore and love to learn from. Please be sure to check them out. I have to apologize in advance because there are a lot of them, but I really thing that they have so much to offer to all makeup fanatics, who are just beginning or are already pros. So, please be patient...










Again, please check them out! Let me know who your favorite beauty gurus are. I'm always up for learning MORE!!!

Good luck & I really hope that you all find them as helpful and inspiring as I have.

Leilani :P


Hey Fellow Beauty Fanatics!

Ok everyone. I'm sooooo excited!!! I'm finally starting up a blog so I can share with you all things I love! Though this blog will be centered mostly around my beauty addictions, I will also be posting about everything else I love. I'm completely aware that some may love, hate, or be completely indifferent to what I have to say, but let's keep it clean. Please just keep in mind that everything that I post from this point on in this blog is simply my opinion and of course not the ONLY way to do or see things, since we're all different.

Just to tell you a bit about myself, I am a Filipino American that loves my family, dance, makeup, skincare, music, meeting new people, learning different things about unfamiliar cultures, and did I say family and dance??? I finally decided to do this because I am going to try out doing makeup on the side. I figured why not take something I love and turn it into something that could possibly be beneficial for my family and me?

Aside from my busy family life and being a makeup fanatic, I am a Director for a dance team, I choreograph, and love working with kids of all ages. My love for dance began when I was in the 2nd grade and has been going strong since. After graduating from college, I decided to establish a non-profit program that would allow me to pursue my passion for dance and working with kids. Dance has taught me so many life lessons and I wanted to be able to give that same opportunity to other kids out there that may develop the same interests. This program builds character and self-esteem and teaches the importance of friendship and discipline through the fundamentals of dance and teamwork.

So, the first thing that I thought I'd share is one of the things dearest to my heart and you'll see why. Just click on the link below and enjoy!!!!!

Leilani :P